Earth Day 2019 - Greenscape Geeks Indianapolis Landscape Design

Hello readers! Today we’re celebrating Earth Day, a day of awareness that serves to educate and promote responsible stewardship of our environment. What started as a grassroots movement in 1970 has grown into an annual campaign of global proportions. Millions of people from hundreds of countries find ways to further Earth Day’s cause whether it is donating their time, money, or spreading messages of responsibility with their peers.

The year 2019 marks the 49th anniversary of Earth Day’s inception, and while the countdown to half a century of environmental advocacy has already started, there is still plenty to do today and the rest of this year! Earth Day Network is the primary coordinator of activities around the world, but is not the only resource to lean on if you’re looking to get involved! Locally, we have Earth Day Indiana which educates and entertains with community outreach programs and festival events every year.

Greenscape Geeks wants to help you celebrate Earth Day every day of the year as your trusted Indianapolis landscaping company. While sharing pictures and making posters is a fantastic way to spread the message, don’t stop at changing a profile photo (or writing a blog post). A very wise person once said that you should be the change you wish to see in the world, so these green tips we share will help you transform into a super-savvy earth saver!

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

Maintaining this mindset is the easiest way you can start to have a large effect on ending plastic pollution and excess resource usage. We’re not telling you to start making your clothes from hemp, but we’re sure you’d look good in anything! Start easy with small changes like printing documents on both sides of the paper, using cloth napkins instead of paper ones, or finally getting rid of all those Highlights magazines with the picture-find puzzle already complete.

Turn off the lights

This tip goes beyond making sure your kitchen lights are out before bedtime. There is a genuine and measurable drain on your wallet that can pass without a trace called…the phantom draw. Okay, so it’s not a ghost in your coffee machine, but there is a standby mode on a lot of electronics made today. This can be a media device that is set to continually update via wifi or that refrigerator with an LCD screen that shows the inner contents if, you know, the sturdy steel handle stops working. Double-check the necessity of your electronic devices being always on and connected to the Internet of Things.

Pledge to stop using pesticides and protect pollinators

This dilemma is something Greenscape Geeks can help solve! We pledged long ago to pursue the natural alternatives to commercial lawn care products because we know all about the hard work our native pollinators accomplish. They help the plants we rely on for food reproduce time after time and add fresh oxygen back into our lives. While some non-toxic or biodegradable labels may keep humans safe and prevent harmful runoff, the anatomy of bees cannot handle them, leading to bee colony collapse and, you guessed it, ecological fallout. Reach out to us to find out more about fertilizing plants with organic, eco-friendly methods or to rejuvenate your turf, or hardscape and landscaping with native plants to enrich your local ecology and give a warm, bee-friendly thank you to the pollinators in your backyard.

Whatever you decide to act on this year, we hope you’ll let Greenscape Geeks be a part of the plan. We have the expert knowledge and passion for helping you do more than just share a post. So, put on those overalls and grab a spade to start making the difference you know you were born to do. Here is to Earth Day 2019 and beyond.

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