Greenscape Geekout Podcast Indianapolis Landscaping Company

Greenscape Geeks has something new on the horizon! We know you’ve been plugged in on our social media channels like Facebook and Instagram and we appreciate your involvement! We try our best to respond to every comment and interact with the community at large, but we think we can do more. We want to have more conversations with those making differences in sharing and embracing sustainability, just like us! That is why we’re excited to announce the Greenscape Geekout podcast; it’s a podcast about plants and the people that love them! We’ll be interviewing movers, shakers, planters, and makers across the United States and beyond. We also want the podcast to be available on as many platforms as possible so it can be easily accessible. This is why we are using the host site, Anchor, to manage our feeds and distribute the episodes on your personal computer or smart device.

Where did our idea come from, you ask? Between brainstorming sessions and lots of coffee, naturally. We couldn’t think of a better way to keep people informed of the green decisions we make and the connections we build than by just telling them as we go along. At first glance, there weren’t any podcasts that encapsulated our vision of using native plants for landscaping and embracing sustainable landscaping that creates a beautiful, unique urban landscape. So, we reached out to small business owners, farm-to-table aficionados, and even phenology hobbyists (we may be out-geeked on that episode). We want to paint a colorful picture of all the different ways businesses conduct themselves with the environment in mind and the care that folks give back to the earth. It’s a way for those voices that are not typically heard to have a chance to share their passion, and we are totally stoked to be a platform for that!

Any podcast worth listening to on the waves needs a host. Our podcast host is Cooper Powers, a newer addition to the Greenscape Geeks team. He is thrilled at the chance to meet new people and hear how they’ve chosen to make the world a more beautiful place. Listen to the series trailer below now and stay tuned in the coming weeks for a sneak preview starring a co-owner of Greenscape Geeks, Joey Fleenor. He’s got some interesting stories to tell about the beginnings of the company and what keeps him climbing out his bed super-charged to share his passion with the world!

Speaking of telling stories, we’re planning on releasing bi-weekly episodes starting July 1, 2019. If you’re not subscribed to our mailing list already, do so here so you can stay up to date for when the first episode is ready to go! We’ll have continuous reminders in the coming weeks on our social media channels. As always, look for blog post updates every Thursday and check out our Native Plant Friday Instagram posts. There are tons of things blooming at Greenscape Geeks and we hope what we share with you, you’ll share with others in spreading the education and joy of native landscaping and sustainable living.

Greenscape Geeks is a central Indiana landscape architecture and landscape design, construction, and lawn maintenance company, serving Indianapolis (including Meridian Kessler, Herron Morton, Williams Creek, and Irvington), Carmel, Noblesville, Fishers, and Zionsville.