Why these low-maintenance landscapes matter, and why Greenscape Geeks is the best landscaper to design yours

natural garden pondSpringtime is upon us! The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and that patch of unattractive brown grass in your backyard is finally starting to show some signs of life. Nature has a beautiful way of greeting you after a long, cold winter. The blooms will soon open up like a thousand miniature smiles as if to say “welcome back.” Why not multiply that fantastic feeling of a spring bloom by expanding it tenfold? Greenscape Geeks is excited to share our new venture in landscaping: natural garden pond installations.

Natural Garden Ponds

Natural garden ponds are not a new idea but seem to be gaining traction in recent years. Mother nature has been hard at work for millennia making lush lagoons and flourishing ponds her best-kept secret. Small pockets of magical biodiversity and sustainable ecosystems are tucked away in forest corners outside cities, but we’d love the opportunity to bring these landscapes to your backyard landscape, side yard landscape, or front yard–depending on how jealous you want to make your neighbors! Natural ponds are their own bite-sized biomes that are self-sustaining, self-cleaning, and beautiful to look at. While the ingredient list is simple—plants, water, and sunshine—the variety of native species that call a natural pond home is staggering. It is also worth mentioning the increased property value you bring to your homestead from one of Greenscape Geeks’ installations. This sustainable landscaping carries an average 15-20% bump in real estate value, we bring the green to your yard and your pocket with this eco-friendly landscaping!

Natural Garden Pond

Benefits of a natural pond

If you’ve wondered what you could do besides recycling and keeping those kitchen lights off to live a bit greener and breathe a bit easier, Greenscape Geeks has your answer. There is no more natural way to create a boon to your local species diversity than by installing a natural pond as part of your landscape. Parts of Europe and, more recently, the United States are already using contemporary design and horticultural practices to make dream gardens a reality. Not only do you get to enjoy a wealth of gorgeous blooms and captivating scenery, but you also provide shelter and habitat for those hardworking plants and animals who are always working behind the scenes to keep the delicate natural balance in order. Call us geeks (we’re cool with it), but we are uber passionate about those 8th grade Earth Science classes we took. We’d love to share our enthusiasm about paying back nature for all the diligent pollinators that keep our air fresh and tamp down on those pesky pests that ruin a perfect summer’s night.

Natural Garden Pond

Making your own personal Eden can seem a bit daunting, but Greenscape Geeks is here to help! We use 100% native plant species of midwestern origin and high-quality, environmentally ethical building practices that can make you proud. Our reward is knowing we gave you the garden of your dreams; your reward is an aesthetic masterpiece that yields increased health to your local flora and fauna accompanying your native garden. Our talented team of Indianapolis landscapers and skilled laborers can’t wait to work with you this year to make you the talk of the gardening-club or that neighbor who comes over a bit more often to borrow some sugar and gaze at your urban, organic paradise.

Natural Pond with adirondak chairYou’re bound to have questions, so contact us directly and our consultants are happy to answer queries ranging from what sedge grasses to use in a rain garden to fertilizing plants with chemical-free alternatives—did we mention we were geeky? Stay tuned for more info on our blog by subscribing to our newsletters and mailing lists, and we hope to grow for and with you in the months to come!

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