Ideas to inspire creativity

Do you feel pinched by the narrow spaces on either side of your house? Is there a distinct lack of green variety in the plants or flowers next to the backyard gate? Do you have an unsightly AC unit or water spigot that needs some dressing up? Here are some awesome ideas for you to help spruce up your side yard! These 5 side yard landscaping ideas are just inspiration, however, and can be tweaked or modified to fit your home’s style and available space.

Consider a moss lawn for low maintenance landscaping

Whether you’re aiming for forest cottage vibes or a chic fairytale aesthetic, a moss lawn is a great way to make use of low-traffic areas. Moss will grow practically anywhere–shady, sunny, and wet areas are all conducive to growing nature’s carpet. The ecological rewards go far beyond regular grass; lightning bugs love the moist moss and lay their eggs in it. Congratulations, you just created a spectacular lightning bug nursey! Bugs bring in the birds, so you can expect to hear more bird song in the skies as well. Water-retaining, erosion-preventing, carbon-sequestering moss is a terrific choice to cultivate a fantastic side yard. Although some species are hardy enough to survive being walked on, moss flourishes best in low foot traffic areas.


Spice up the area with a hanging planter

No need to travel to the supermarket to get delicious herbs when they can grow right outside your house. This idea isn’t limited to herbs, either. Add any number of native flowers for a pop of color or some pollinator-friendly plants to help bees and birds. Mix and match flowers and herbs for the best companion planting that keeps the soil in your planters healthy and full of nutrients for a long time. Invest in some organic fertilizer servicing to make sure those blooms are big and the herbs are fragrant.


Add a hardscape pathway to unwind

If you do find your side yard is a substantial foot-traffic area for getting to the grill or the garden out back, consider putting in a stone path hardscape from the Indianapolis landscapers with an eye for great design. Maybe you see the serenity in your walking path that includes a mindfulness bench. Or perhaps an offset paver pattern for a modern touch in nature’s splendor. Whatever you decide, from stone color choice to the arrangement and installation, make the design something you can enjoy every step of the way.




Make use of vertical space with climbing vines

Latticework or side fencing can give climbing, native vines a great platform to show off their blooms. An added benefit is that the vine mass can shade part of your house to keep it cool. This depends on the sun tolerance of different species, of course. The eye will be drawn to the vines in your side yard, increasing the overall curb appeal of a property. With proper pruning, the vines will bounce back every winter for continuous blooms like the photos above!


Install a raised bed for various uses
Raised beds can take on several simple shapes to accommodate the space (or lack thereof) in the side yard. Raised beds can hold flowers, herbs, vegetables, or even worms for composting. It is important to build a raised bed with enough room to easily weed, feed, and water whatever is inside, which may mean being creative in the space available. We want to be a part of the solution so you can enjoy your harvest in the most accessible way possible. Greenscape Geeks has built varying sizes before, and we’d love to construct one to fit for your unique landscape.



Let these 5 side yard landscaping ideas blossom into the ideal space for you and your family. Even if your vision isn’t listed here, we’ll try to make it a reality! So contact one of our landscape designers today for a consultation to get the most mileage out of your tiny space.
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