Spring Cleanup with Greenscape Geeks

Plants are budding, the days are getting longer and warmer, and it’s finally time to work in the yard again and start that spring cleanup! For some, this can feel more like a chore than an enjoyable past-time. Greenscape Geeks gets it. That’s why we’re here to help!

No matter what the reason is for needing an extra hand with spring yard clean-up, our team is ready to help you out. From pruning to tilling, reseeding to debris removal, we love helping make your yard look its best. You can find a wide range of our “spring cleanup” services below.

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Clean Up

Fallen tree limbs and twigs littering your yard? What about forgotten leaf piles from last fall? Or maybe you have some unwanted rocks and other natural objects in your backyard? Our team is happy to help with leaf removal, debris removal, and hauling for all of your spring cleanup needs. What kind of hauling do you do, you’re wondering? If it can be composted or recycled, we’ll haul it away for you! Brush, dirt, leaves, limbs, rocks… you name it. If you’re unsure about something that needs to be discarded, just ask! After all, it’s a lot easier to get started on fun projects like gardening or a patio install once your yard is cleaned up.


Who doesn’t love homegrown produce or having vibrant flowers blooming all spring and summer long? Greenscape Geeks loves getting your gardens off to a good start as well as make them easy to maintain during the growing season.

We’ll start by cleaning it up, removing any dead plants left over from the previous year. Our team is also happy to do some perennial division with any remaining plants that may be getting too bunched up. This will help your plants grow better plus, you will have extra plants to add to your landscaping elsewhere!

Does anyone out there actually enjoy tilling their garden? We’re guessing not, which is why we’re willing to do it for you. Not only does tilling make your gardens easier to plant in but it also helps to aerate your soil. This helps with drainage which in turn makes water more readily available by plant roots, which should be essential to everyone’s spring cleanup.

If you are prepping a vegetable garden, fertilizer or compost will likely be the next step you’ll want to address. If you’ve ever seen or even had your own composted garden versus a non-composted garden, you’re already aware of what a huge difference it makes! Not only will compost add organic components to your soil that it may be lacking, but you’ll also see a notable difference in how quickly and healthy your produce grows too! As far as fertilizer, Greenscape Geeks, naturally, uses organic fertilizer.

Mulch is another important aspect of the health of your planting beds and spring cleanup. Not only does it prevent weeds from growing, it also retains moisture, helps soil maintain a consistent temperature, and adds organic material back to the soil over time as it breaks down. You can think of it as long-term composting. Greenscape Geeks offers a variety of mulch types to fit your needs, which include wood, pine straw, and gravel.

Finally, to square away all of the planting areas you’ve worked so hard to create or maintain, Greenscape Geeks provides edging. It’s a simple, but aesthetically-pleasing way to make your planted areas even more eye-catching. Edging works well around flower beds, shrubs, trees, and even as a transition from a patio to planting beds.


Spending all of that time establishing your yard, gardens, and landscaping will have been in vain if you don’t maintain it! Greenscape Geeks offers several services to keep your yard the envy of the neighborhood year-round.

No matter what type of trees, shrubs, or bushes you have on your property, they will require pruning at some point in time. The Geeks are happy to keep your small trees and shrubs from becoming unruly by trimming and shaping them as well as removing any deadwood. If you find that one of these plants is too unhealthy or no longer wanted in your landscape design, our professionals can remove it. We want your yard to be beautiful and safe!

While we do try to promote the usage of native plants, rain gardens, and other landscaping features that attract wildlife and are beneficial to the environment, we also understand that, as modern Americans, we often still need some traditional lawn. Whether it’s for your kids to play on, your pets to get some exercise, or just to enjoy a quiet evening with friends or family, it’s still nice to have a patch of green space.

Spending a lot of time on your green oasis can cause damage to it over time, though. This is why it’s so important to take care of your lawn before big problems start, such as drainage issues or bald spots. To alleviate or prevent the latter from happening, Greenscape Geeks recommends reseeding your lawn each year. As preventative maintenance, it keeps those thin spots from normal wear and tear from forming. Reseeding can also be used to fill in bare spots that may have already formed.

Aeration is also vital to your lawn’s overall health. By poking small holes into the soil, aeration helps air, nutrients, and water get to the roots of your grass, making them stronger. Aeration also prevents soil compaction, which can lead to a cascade of issues, including poor drainage and mold growth. All of these things combined get your lawn looking lusher than ever!

Experiencing other mysterious lawn issues? Many problems can make your yard less-than-appealing. Our team of professionals also offers soil testing. After looking at your soil composition and the minerals and other organic components it currently contains, we can pinpoint what key ingredients are missing and add organic materials to restore it to a healthy state. You can’t have a beautiful yard or healthy plants without healthy soil!

The crew at Greenscape Geeks looks forward to helping you with all of your natural lawn care needs in 2021. Didn’t find a service you’re looking for mentioned above? Greenscape Geeks is happy to talk about and find a solution for your landscaping needs.

Greenscape Geeks is a central Indiana landscape architecture and landscape design, construction, and lawn maintenance company, serving Indianapolis (including Meridian Kessler, Herron Morton, Williams Creek, and Irvington), Carmel, Noblesville, Fishers, and Zionsville.

This blog post was written by Alicia Owen