Holiday Lighting and Decor

holiday lighting and decorWe may not be that far into autumn, but the holiday season will be here before we know it. No matter what holiday you celebrate, there always seems to be something going on in December for friends and families to gather together. Big dinners with extended family, office Christmas parties, and gift-giving exchanges to name a few. These are always fun times, but let’s face it: they can be a lot of work to decorate!

Is just the thought of decorating for the holidays making you cringe? Greenscape Geeks is here to help! That’s right, not only do we help keep your lawn looking its best during the warm months, but we’ll help make your house look its best for the holidays with holiday lighting and decor!

We offer just about all of the holiday help you could need. Sorry, you’re still on your own with gift wrapping and party planning! From LED lights to fresh greens, we believe that sustainable decorating is always in season.

Read on to learn more about all of the holiday décor options we offer and get some ideas on how you can make your holidays even eco-friendlier this year!

Holiday Lighting

Who doesn’t love a beautifully illuminated home during the holidays? Whether you’re decorating for your family or hoping to finally win that annual neighborhood decoration contest, Greenscape Geeks is ready to make your holiday season merrier and brighter!

holiday lighting and decorExecuting a lovely light display takes time and patience. And, let’s face it, it can be a little scary up there on a ladder, especially if you’re not a fan of heights! That’s why our professionals are happy to do it for you, saving you time and possibly an anxiety attack.

Indoor lighting can be a hassle for some too. Our Christmas lights service doesn’t stop outdoors. Whether it’s your Christmas tree, mantle lights emphasizing your fireplace, or something else, the Greenscape Geeks team is happy to help you spruce up your indoor space too.

Don’t have your own lights to use? No problem! We’re happy to get you some for the holiday season. In the spirit of our eco-friendly mission, we use energy-efficient LED lights. Why are LED lights so great?

  • They put off more light than traditional Christmas lights. That means brighter lights!
  • LED lights use less electricity. Hello, lower electric bill for the month of December!
  • Contrary to what you may think since they are brighter, they actually produce less heat. This makes them a lot safer to use than traditional lights.

Looking for the best and brightest of them all? Conical, wide-angle LED lights are the way to go. Not only are they the most brilliant, but they are also water and snow proof.

Holiday Decor

Do you like to go above and beyond Christmas lights? Our team is happy to help you set up the perfect lawn display with your decorations to add the finishing touches. Of course, we can also set up your indoor displays, whether it’s fresh greens over the fireplace, a table centerpiece, or garland around the banister.

Speaking of fresh greens, here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

365 Greetings-Top Green Christmas Decoration Ideas

Southern Living-55+ Ways to Decorate With Fresh Christmas Greenery

Of course, you want to keep your fresh greens just that, fresh, for as long as possible. Head over to for her Holiday Greenery 101 guide for tips on keeping your greens fragrant and lovely.

Christmas Trees

Christmas decorations wouldn’t be complete without a Christmas tree! Make your holidays even greener by investing in an eco-friendlier option for your tree.

Planted Christmas Trees

The life of a typical Christmas tree is kind of sad. In general, it usually takes these evergreens 6-8 years to grow to the height most people look for to put in their homes during the holidays. Some species can take even longer than this. Then they’re cut down, kept inside for a few weeks, and tossed to the wayside. Did you know you can actually recycle your Christmas tree? More on that below.

Why not change this trend by purchasing a live tree instead to go with your holiday lighting and decor? As opposed to being cut off at the trunk, plantable Christmas trees still have their root balls attached. These are generally kept in a burlap sack or re-planted in a pot. The latter comes in especially handy so you don’t have to worry about a tree stand, tweaking your tree until it’s in there just right, and so on.

Instead of disposing of your Christmas tree after the holidays are over, you can either re-plant it in your yard (or find someone that would like to plant it in theirs) or simply set it outside and wait until next year to use it again. Provide habitat for local wildlife and have a beautiful, live evergreen to use each holiday season. It’s a win-win!

Interested in this option? Head here for more tips on taking care of your live tree if you intend to re-plant it. For advice on keeping a potted tree, click here.

Christmas Tree Recycling

If you would like to recycle your tree, there are sites where you can drop it off. Here is a list of parks that have accepted recycled trees in the Indy metro area in the past. Or, let Greenscape Geeks take care of it for you! We can help with the entire holiday tear-down process too.

You can also get creative with your tree recycling. Don’t lose it. Reuse it! Here are some other ways you can put your used tree to good use.

  • Make it into mulch to use in your garden or flower beds.
  • Use it for outdoor firewood. This is only advisable if you cut down the tree yourself. Most of the trees at tree lots have been treated with chemicals to help prevent pests and to help the tree keep for longer. You can also use the ashes in your garden where they help add nutrients to your soil.
  • Turn it into fish habitat. Other than traditional recycling, local places with lakes and ponds may also accept your tree. Evergreens make excellent hiding places for smaller fish. Algae will eventually grow on the tree too, feeding the small critters in these bodies of water!

Ready to Get Your Holiday Season Started?

From warm, welcoming interior decorating to external lighting that would make the Griswold’s holiday lighting and decorjealous, Greenscape Geeks is ready to make your holidays merry and bright! Give us a call or shoot us an email with your ideas. Don’t wait!

We are already taking deposits for all of your holiday decorating needs!

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